My new podcast 'Creative Destruction'

Hey Everyone,

I’m really excited to tell you about a new project I’ve been working on with a good friend of mine Nick Byrne.

For a long time, Nick and I have been having conversations about innovation in our roles and we decided we should start recording them. Creative Destruction is the result.

In the first episode we talk about the history behind the name of the podcast, as well as the 6 Ds of digital disruption. We explore the ideas behind the 6 Ds and looked at some examples of industries in the process of being disrupted right now.

We made a pretty rookie recording mistake and chose possibly the worst room we could have due to the echo. As a result, the quality is not the best. But given we both live by the mantra of “Done is better than perfect”, here it is! Hopefully Episode 2 will be a great improvement.

We hope you enjoy the chat, if you do - leave a comment below! Or even better, leave a review on the app store.


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