Believe it or not I’m not the CEO of Forbes magazine. I may share the name with him, but I’ve also had my own career success with over 15 years experience working on digital initiatives.

I’m a leadership coach & trainer. I help organisations adopt new technology, navigate accelerating change, and build products that customers love.

Throughout my career, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of Australia’s largest organisations including NAB, ANZ, Telstra and Auspost, who I have helped bring ideas to life.

“Behind any great sporting team, there’s a group of support staff that help keep the team in peak condition. You can think of me as your tactics coach for your next big game.”

Uniquely, I have experience working across nearly all aspects of digital projects, including Innovation & Product Management, Strategy, Team Leadership, Delivery / Project Management, UX Research & Design and Software Development.

My current services include:

If you’re having problems with:

  • Unsuccessful products

  • Declining or stagnating revenue

  • or even if you think your team just isn’t delivering to its full potential,

I’d love to have a conversation about how I can help.

I believe that everyone of us can launch successful products, and I want to help you make a lasting impact on your customer’s lives!

On a personal note

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my wife Fernanda, and son Nick who is keeping us extremely busy. Fernanda argues that my first love is actually football (soccer), followed closely by my love for cooking.

The Gallup company tells me I’m a serial learner and strategist. Which pretty much sums me up. I’m rarely without a new book to read, checking out the latest tech on twitter, or writing ideas in my Moleskin.

Through this business I get to meet some extraordinary people who I can share some of my knowledge, but I’m also continuously learning. My hope is that I get to share my adventure with some wonderful people and we all get to make a impact around us.