In this fast-paced, collaborative, hands on, fun 2-Day bootcamp, attendees learn the skills required to create innovative products & services. This is a course with a deliberate product-centric and lean bias.

This course is perfect for teams & individuals working on agile projects and want to improve:

  • The success of their products

  • The level of customer satisfaction

  • Their understanding of the role of product and user experience

  • Their understanding of Lean Startup, Lean UX, Design Thinking / Human Centred Design and their interaction with agile delivery

  • Understanding the essentials of product strategy

  • The role of the development team in customer discovery

  • The quality and process for validating product ideas & assumptions

What you’ll learn

This course will recap some of the reasons we use agile, but will move quickly onto a product focus. In this training you will learn:

  • How to create a product development process that uses agile for delivery and utilises the best of product, design and lean

  • How product, design and engineering can collaborate to create cross-functional product focused teams

  • How to use visual tools to create shared understanding

  • How to use the business model canvas to describe, design, challenge, and prototype your business model

  • How to use the value proposition canvas to describe your customers needs

  • How to use the product goal canvas to communicate your vision, strategy and contributing features

  • The contribution small incremental releases can make to product success

  • How to make sure discovery work is visible in agile environments & rituals

Who should attend?

My belief is that success of a product is everyone’s responsibility, and not just that of the product team. As such, this course is ideal for:

  • Agile teams

  • Product managers, owners, and producers

  • Engineers and testers

  • User Experience, visual designers, researchers, service designers

  • Iteration managers, delivery managers, project managers

  • Leadership teams

Individuals are more than welcome to attend this training, however, to get the most out of it and minimise resistance to new ideas & ways of working, I recommend you send as many people as you can from a team.

What do I get from the training?

All attendees will receive:

  • Increased knowledge and expertise!

  • Certificate of completion that never expires.

  • A workbook

  • Reference guides

  • PDF’s of all the tools used in the training, including how to use instructions

  • A special gift from Steve to help implement the ideas learnt back in your office


Make progress on your product idea with my simple step-by-step coaching program. 

Build a strong foundation that will guide & support your customer discovery, product development, fundraising, and marketing activities. 

Create an inspiring vision for a product that leaves an impact on the lives of your customers, and learn how to kill any risks before they develop.

You’ll learn new ways of working, with tangible tools and methods which will allow you to communicate your idea effectively.

You will:

  • Follow and learn industry best practices such as design thinking, lean startup, and product development principles

  • Assess your idea’s potential and create a realistic business plan

  • Learn how to identify key risks in your business, and simple strategies to mitigate them

  • Understand your customer’s objectives, pains and gains

  • Design a product that is desirable for your customer, and create a customer journey map, feature list, prototypes, and mockups for validating your ideas

  • Evaluate potential business models and learn how to pick the right one for your product

  • Communicate priorities and decisions clearly for designers & developers

I provide valuable support for leaders who are building groundbreaking products and services. 

My coaching program provides you with the skills and appropriate level of focus to deliver a ‘wow’ experience for your customers. I provide accountability, as well as suggestions for tools and methods that could assist.

My coaching style is friendly, but direct, and inspires leaders to take action and do everything possible to make their product a success.

Workshop Facilitation

If you are navigating change in your organisation, then it’s likely the following resonates:

  • You’re worried that you are wasting too much time and money on ideas that may not succeed

  • The pace of change in your industry is accelerating and keeping up with the market is making you nervous

  • You’re unsure of your next steps, and are looking for the support and guidance to make quick but educated decisions

These are common issues to teams building products. The daily noise gets in the way of spending quality time to zoom-out to make sense of your situation, and think strategically.

Business by design is a workshop with a very focused goal. Craft a winning strategy within 1, 2, or 3 days.

Delivered in a fun, fast-paced format which uses the problem solving strategies from design thinking, the program encourages collaboration, customer focus, risk reduction, and boosts team morale.

If you’re bored of strategy sessions that are slow moving, have low engagement, fail to reach alignment, and don’t create tangible next steps, then I’ll help you with the environment, experience, tools and techniques to make it happen.