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As a leadership coach, I support organisations building groundbreaking products and services to navigate the complexities of customer problems, disruptive technology, business models, and competitive pressures. 

I give teams the skills and tools to make meaningful progress. I help prepare businesses for whatever comes next and guide the development of an innovative culture, with happy and efficient teams.

My clients are next-generation leaders, change-makers, lifelong learners and entrepreneurs who seek to have a lasting impact on the world via their work.



Workshops & Facilitation

Cut through the noise and find clarity, set strategic direction and understand priorities. Take time out from your daily routine to think deeply about your next move.


Through my coaching programs I provide valuable support to help evaluate priorities and ensure the appropriate level of focus is being applied to execution of a new strategy.


In my fast-paced, collaborative, hands on product management essentials training, attendees learn the skills required to create innovative products & services.

Latest Thinking